Programmes to help businesses access coaching services

Growth Accelerator is a government funded programme designed to help high growth businesses gain access to subsidised coaching.  Eligible businesses qualify for a range of services including:

  • Intellectual property audit carried out by a patent attorney worth £3,000
  • Up to 7 days subsidised coaching for Chief officers and senior managers
  • Leadership and Management training match funded up to a maximum of £2,000 per person
  • Joining fees for Institute of Directors waived (£200)
  • 6 attendances at business master classes and attendances at 6 business growth training workshops for you and your staff

The cost of the package is £3,500, but based on the size of your business the costs could be heavily subsidised:

  • up to 5 employees    £600    + £700 VAT
  • 6-49 employees        £1,500 + £700 VAT
  • 50-250 employees    £3,000 + £700 VAT